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I write and perform for adults and children.  If you have an event that requires creative input  (business, leisure, community activity, school, public or private event) on any subject, please contact me to discuss your requirements.  If you'd like to book an entertaining poetry presentation, or learn how to create and write a poem, comedy sketch or play script, please do get in touch with your requirements.

Oxfordshire Artsweeks ~  Art and Poetry for Performance with Diana Moore

Wheatley Park School ~ 20th January 2020
Art & Poetry for Performance workshop

Year 10 students
Teacher feedback: 
The students really enjoyed the dynamic and creative way you presented images and poetry.  It was great for them to understand that poetry can be fun and can be performed, rather than black words on a page.  I also really enjoyed it, it was great fun. 
Many thanks.  Mrs Z Lanczak

Poetry Tour 29th June 2019
Ashmolean Museum
with Diana Moore, Writer and Poet
Start time: 2:30 p.m.   Meet in Gallery 21
Free Tour, No booking required.
A selection of poems inspired by art and objects in the galleries.
Audience participation welcome

Ashmolean Poetry in the Galleries:
Specifically Ibrahim El-Salahi  ~ A sudanese Artist in Oxford.
Several Oxford poets gathered to read their work inspired by El-Salahi's art.  I was attracted to the shapes in the Aluminium Tree sculpture and wrote a piece based on this object.  The poems have been added to the exhibition for visitors to read.  Lower Ground Floor, Gallery 8 until 2nd September 2018.

14th July 2018 Poetry Tour
Ashmolean Museum, 
Beaumont Street, OX1 4PH. 
Starts at:  2:30 p.m.  Meet in Gallery 21
A journey from East to West using poetry and song to tell fascinating Ashmolean-inspired stories. Audience participation welcome.
FREE tour, no booking required.  For this event, I used poems from my books:  Objects in the Ashmolean, An Art and Poetry Resource, and A Visitor to the Forest, a poem designed for performance. Both books are available in the Ashmolean Museum shop, (also available in Blackwells, Oxford libraries, independent book stores, and online).

28th March 2018 Event:
Planning Your Writing Career

Oxford University Careers Service, hosted by Oxford Writers' House
Today I was on the panel for this interesting and well-attended event:
Join Oxford Writers' House and Writers in Oxford for a night discussing the realities of making your writing into a sustainable career. This is your opportunity to meet with writing professionals from playwrights to poets, editors to journalists, scriptwriters to novelists to get to grips with what to expect and how to transform your passion into a way of life.

We'll be hearing from: Non-fiction, journalism - Melanie King    Radio, TV - Jean Buchanan   Fiction, short stories - Lorna Patterson   Poetry - Mariah Whelan   Poetry and Performance - Diana Moore

October 2017  A Poetry Tour in a Book
at the Ashmolean Museum
With Diana Moore, Author
Sat 21 Oct, 3–4pm, meet in Gallery 21
A journey from East to West using poetry and song to tell fascinating Ashmolean-inspired stories.
FREE tour, no booking required.

May 2017
Ashmolean Poetry in the Galleries:
The theme is: 'What Lies Beneath'  I will be reading my poem inspired by Mark Gertler's painting of Gilbert Cannan and His Mill. 

March 2017 Completed my third book ~ an  Art and Poetry / Performance  / Resource.  It is a collection of poems, lyrics and script, based on art and objects in the Ashmolean Museum.
Poetry in the Galleries of the Ashmolean (now called Ekphrasis Poetry). The theme for the March readings was Light.  I used the contrast of light and dark in Bicci di Lorenzo's St Nicholas of Bari Banishing the Storm.  My piece is a poem lyric that gives the mermaid a voice.  This wonderful art - part of an altar piece - is found in Gallery 42, Early Italian Art, and features in my new book: Objects in the Ashmolean.
Lady Nuffield Home ~ A session that included Art, Poetry and Songs. 

Ashmolean Museum 21st January 2017 ~ Poetry Tours in the Galleries, starts at 2:oo p.m. finishes by 3:00 p.m.  I will be reading a piece based on a Winter Scene by Jean Desire Gustave Courbet.

I have been selected to speak at CARU ǀ Arts re Search Conference at Oxford Brookes University on 4th December.  I will be presenting / performing  on the topic of Art & Poetry for Performance.

CARU ǀ  Arts Re Search ConferenceDate:  4th December 2016
Location: Chakrabati Lecture Theatre, Gipsy Lane, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford
See link: 

Recent events:

Live Friday FRAMED 13th May 2016  Ashmolean Museum
Henry VIII and his Six Wives performed by Diana Moore and Jon Crowley

Ekphrasis Poetry Event at the Ashmolean Museum ~ Saturday 19th March 2016  The theme for today is based loosely on the quote by Picasso:  'Art is a Lie That Enables Us to Realise the Truth.  Images show Diana Moore reading her poem inspired by Gilbert Cannan and his Mill and (pictured below) performing a musical poem/lyric based on a Still Life painting with a Lobster and Turkey (Abraham Van Beyeren).  The audience of visitors, supporters and poets joined in spontaneously with this humorous work set to well-known operatic piece by Amilcare Ponchielli ~ Dance of the Hours and perhaps better known as the tune to Allan Sherman's  'Hello Mudder Hello Fadder'.

LIVE FRIDAY ~  HEROES AND VILLAINS ~ AT THE ASHMOLEAN ~ 29th January 2016.  The theme is Heroes and Villains.  A date for your diary.  I will be performing a piece based on Bicci di Lorenzo's St Nicholas of Bari Banishing the Storm, in the early Italian art gallery 42.  It is one of my poem/lyrics that is part song, part spoken, and in this case, written from the viewpoint of the mermaid.

Ashmolean Museum ~ October 24th 2015  Ekphrasis ~ poetry in the museum 2:00 p.m.
Delighted to say I will be performing a poem based on Stanley Spencer's 'Cows at Cookham'. Modern Art, Level 3.  The piece developed into a poem/lyric/script - see additional notes in my journal.

Events and Workshops: April, May, June, July 2015

Adult Dyslexia Centre 
~ Comedy, Poetry, Writing and Performance Workshops leading to a Theatre production at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts.   I had some lovely feedback on this production.  Here is a shortened version of the testimonial by Centre Manager, Debbie Farnfield  (you can read the full version on my journal page).

 ..."What an achievement - to enable a group of dyslexic adults who have difficulties with words, sequencing and memory to feel confident performing in a theatre to an audience who thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Thank you, Diana, for all your, patience, perseverance and belief that we could 'produce the goods...." 

Playground on Fire ~ Arts Festival ~ 25th to 27th June at the Old Fire Station  ~  I am delighted to be a part of the Playground on Fire events. I shall be in the Gallery on Saturday 27th June from 3 - 4 p.m. Joining me will be: actor Jon Crowley and soprano Anna Shackleton. Together we will be presenting 'A VISITOR TO THE FOREST'.  There will be singing and acting/improvising of extracts from this arts-based performance poem inspired by Paolo Uccello's The Hunt in the Forest.  Audience participation is invited.  All welcome.  

A Visitor to the Forest is available from Blackwells and the Ashmolean Museum shop, also online via

Adult Dyslexia Centre ~ Comedy, Poetry, Writing and Performance Workshop leading to a Theatre production at Norden Farm Centre for the Arts. 
Stagecoach Theatre Arts School ~ Poetry performance workshops with mini musical/acting performances for each age group ranging from age 6 to 18 years
Ashmolean Museum ~ Education Centre ~ Interactive Poetry Workshop for adults with learning difficulties based on 'The Hunt in the Forest'
Residential Care Homes ~ Poetry readings, performance and discussion

April 2015  Feedback following my visit to Chiltern Grange Care Home:  "Thank you very much to the lovely Diana Moore for carrying out an 'Introduction to Creative Writing and Poetry' session for our residents.  An informative, interesting session filled with lots of humour!  Your poems were brilliant, we look forward to seeing you again soon." Corinne Smith, Activities Manager 

21st February 2015.  Poetry in the Ashmolean Museum.  William Blake Exhibition.  Itching to share a poem on.... 'The Ghost of a Flea'

22nd November 2014 Ashmolean Poetry Tours in the Galleries.  My poem is based on Francesco Bianchi Ferrari's  Arion Riding on a Dolphin

October / November 2014  Working with graphic designer on images for the next book, a poem designed for performance based on 'The Hunt in the Forest' (pictured).

June / July 2014  A busy couple of months which includes:  Ashmolean Poetry Tours in the Galleries, an all day school session  at Wootton St Peter school, open mic at Blackwell's in Oxford and private poetry readings.

May 2014.  Recent poetry workshops include visits to residential villages and care homes.

26th April 2014  Ashmolean Poetry Tours in the Galleries.  My next poem is based on Paolo Ucello's The Hunt in the Forest....

22nd February 2014  Ashmolean Poetry Tours in the Galleries.  A contrast now from the recent fab events going on at London's Southbank Centre to the wonderful Ashmolean Museum.  My latest poem: 'A Time To Bond....' is based on the The Tallard Madonna ~ Virgin and Child ~ painting by Giorgione.  And accessible to both adults and children - this piece, for example, would be suitable for aged 9 years and upwards.

Southbank Centre Imagine Scratch Mixer.  Feedback:  ** "Great!" ** "Very Good Fun" **  Thanks to all who came along to see the work in progress - and it was good to watch some very competent artists at work.

February 2014   Delighted to say I will be performing a poetry showcase to an audience of under 12's and their families here at Southbank Centre on 15th February 2014

Ashmolean Museum Poetry Tour in the Galleries ~ the next tour is on 25th January 2014.  My latest poem 'Two Bream and a Ray' is based on a Fish Plate housed in the Rome Gallery.
Feedback:  "Delightful"  "Thank you" 

Ashmolean Museum Poetry Tour in the Galleries ~ 7th December 2013 ~  Greater Flamingo ~ from Lady Impey's Indian Birds Paintings

In Celebration of Flamingos ~ A 'Flamingo Calypso'  by Diana Moore
The Greater Flamingo slipped out of his aviary (Jameel Centre) today for a performance of 'Flamingo Calypso'.  Thanks to the visitors who came along specially (on a busy Christmas shopping day), and who were great sports and joined in with the 'song and dance'.

Ashmolean Museum Poetry Tour in the Galleries  ~ 5th October 2013
HENRY VIII AND HIS WIVES ~ a poetic overview by Diana Moore  

'One of the major driving forces of Henry VIII's life was the desire for a son to succeed him'.
Henry VIII and his six wives appear in the England Room via a mobile app....

Wantage (not just) Betjeman Literary Festival ~ 24th October 2013

Creating and Writing Humorous Poetry workshop for 120 children

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Oxford Central Library ~ Fun With Nonsense Poems 6th July 2013 Alice's Day

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

15th June 2013  Ashmolean Museum Poetry Tour in the Galleries

Poems specially written on gallery objects by Diana Moore include:

Pan Listening to Echo ~   This beautiful bronze inkstand is situated  in the Italian Renaissance Gallery 43'  'The classical god of the woods and fields is here shown in near-human form, with only his small horns, sharp pointed ears and tuft of tail betraying his true nature...'  I experimented with an echo poem and based it on the Greek mythology of Pan's vain love for Echo.

~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

11th May 2013 Ashmolean Museum Poetry Tour in the Galleries.  
'I've Got The Silver-Finned Blues' This poem is in two parts and based on two objects:  1) Early Italian art Gallery ~  Bicci di Lorenzo St Nicholas of Bari Banishing A Storm and 2) Western Art Gallery, Parcel-Gilt Silver Ship in the Michael Wellby Collection.

I decided to give the mermaid a voice; it turned into a song lyric.

January 2013 Ashmolean Poetry in the Galleries.  'Enlightened'  Ground floor | Room 12 | India to 600, Fragmentary forearm and hand of the Buddha
From an observation during a meditation in 2009


Ashmolean Museum and Story Museum  family events: 

Runcible Rhymes at The Ashmolean Education Centre, and
Mr Lear's Birthday Party at The Story Museum

Behind the scenes there were meetings with Education Officers to devise the two events which comprised of 'Nutty but nice things to see make and do' and 'Crafts, song and story fun'.  I created a new birthday song and birthday dance especially for the occasion.

We had good feedback on the "very well thought out programme, which no doubt Edward Lear would have enjoyed hugely"  And that is how I felt, that I was honouring Edward Lear.

I drew pictures, wrote lots of new poems and created new nonsense creatures such as the curious sea creatures known as Oscillating Octobells and Quivering Quaverfish (see images).  Drawings and poetry were inspired (in part) by several of Edward Lear's alphabets.

Ashmolean Museum Exhibition ~ poetry in celebration of Edward Lear
As well as writing and performing for children and families, I wrote and performed new nonsense poetry in response to the 'Happy Birthday Edward Lear' exhibition. 

Pictured (below on the right) is 'Polly P-solly' the parrot who assisted me with a humorous take on pronouncing the word Psittacidae (Psittacidae is the Latin word for parrot family). Polly is taking a well-earned rest from squawking.

I have an educational, child friendly version of my poem Psittacidae for use in schools.  It is just as good for adults who enjoy a fun presentation of words and images.

A Fishy Coat Tale, A Visitor to the Forest, and Objects in the Ashmolean - all available from bookstores, and via Amazon
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